11 New Marine Species Found! Did You Have Any Clue About These Dolls?

P.S. Don't kill me! 


We've all loved toys as kids, haven't we? Our choices may have been different but we all owned some or other type of toys. In last three decades, the designs of toys changed. Then, technology transformed them all together. Now, this industry is flourishing.  

A married couple Kasia and Jacek Anyszkiewicz from Gliwice, Poland, share a mutual passion for creating artistic marine toys, which they call dolls. Everything they create is made manually, from the scratch. They don't use machines to make toys. The couple uses super sculpey, synthetic fur, silicone, polymeric resin etc. Sculpey is a polymer clay that can be molded and put into a conventional oven to harden it.

It all started when Kasia first drew a sketch of an imaginary structure, which had surfaced in her mind. She put few more such sketches on paper. She showed it to her husband and lo, a cute looking marine toy was born.

This is how they went about it. Once the blueprint of the desired toy was ready on paper or canvas, Jacek, who is a professional chemical engineer, took care of bringing these structures to life. He dealt with the technical side like molding, casting etc.

This is how they made a series of cute-little sea monsters. Have a look!

Source : Katyushka Art Dolls