Britain All Set To Trigger Brexit Process On 29th March

Adieu EU!

Before the dawn of the D-Day, that is, the 29th of this month, let’s go through the developments that have happened in the past in the context of Brexit and also the future ramifications of this divorce. Much before we deal with these two issues it is equally important to understand the concept of Brexit. So to start with, we will first make an attempt to understand Brexit. 

What is Brexit? 

Brexit is shorthand way of saying that the UK is exiting the EU, a political and economic union of 28 European countries that was founded in November 1993. The idea of the EU germinated soon after the Second World War with the intention of fostering economic co-operation among countries that would increase trade and act as a deterrent to war.

In simple terminology, two words – Britain and Exit – combined together make Brexit.