Dear Maa, Thank You for Bending Rules and Doing What You Do Best, LIVE

Saloni Chopra writes a letter to her mother on Mother's Day.


My Dear Mother,

One day a year doesn’t really do any justice to the love and concern you put into this lifetime job - does it?

Today of all days, I’d like to acknowledge why I’m so grateful for you in my life. Over the years, I have grown to learn that mothering isn’t as simple as giving birth - it’s not even about feeding your child - what it’s really about, is raising decent human beings. Mothers, if you think about it, are accountable for how this world becomes - and that to me seems like quite a hectic job.

You, my mother, have constantly gone out of your way to love and care for us, and singlehandedly raise two extremely stubborn, curious, rebellious, and adamant kids! I know there are days when you’re frustrated with us and you snap ‘When on Earth did I teach you to become like this?!’ and in those moments...