10 Actors Who've Acted In Both Marvel And DC Comic Films 

Who wouldn't like to be a superhero?


There has always been a healthy rivalry between Marvel and DC comics. And the current movie scenario revolves around these two comic entertainment giants. Some consider the comics as better entertainment than the movies but some of the movies have done great justice to them in return.

Despite the rivalries between these two comic brands, actors have switched themselves from one to the other. The dominant and money making capabilities of superhero movies have attracted not only the audience but also artists. Everyone is interested in doing a Marvel or DC movie. Who wouldn't be? It's one of the most popular movie brands in the industry till date.

Some actors have managed themselves so wonderfully that we have witnessed them playing two superheroes in two different comic brands. And they have delivered their roles perfectly.

So here is the list of thespians who have switched from one brand of the comic to another.