15 Sridevi Quotes Revealing What Was the 'Dearest' to Her

No...It's neither her fans nor Bollywood!

Veteran Bollywood actor Sridevi passed away at the age of 54, on Saturday, February 24th in Dubai. A Cardiac Arrest has been told to be the cause of her sudden demise.
This came as a shock to the spine of not just the Bollywood fraternity, but everyone who was even meagerly associated with the entertainment industry. A very great personality had breathed her last, and it was obvious to see mournful messages pouring in like a tsunami that affected everyone who heard the news. Film producer Boney Kapoor's wife and the mother of two talented daughters with a promising future in Bollywood sadly and unfortunately could not see them making their debut.
Let us wish her soul to rest in peace and try to take some inspiration from the courageous lady and to see what was 'dearest' to her all in her living years...