This Actor Who Once Gave Tough Competition To Govinda Is Now Living An Anonymous Life

He acted in Karisma's debut film too!  

There was a time when people would simply get spellbound by this actor's screen presence and exemplary performances. Girls would get wooed by his looks; other actors would get some major inferiority complex and what not. But, even after possessing such qualities, his innings in the film industry didn't last for a long time. Maybe due to this dynamic and interchanging environment, the industry is deemed to be different.

We are going to take you through the story of none other than Harish Kumar. The actor who was cast opposite Karisma Kapoor in her debut film. Later, he starred in a film that had Govinda too. Suddenly, this actor disappeared from the silver screen and lived his life in anonymity.

I know a lot of questions might have made their way into your mind, let's unveil the answers to all of them one by one.