"I Am Not A Victim," Says Acid-Attack Survivor In A Heart Touching Story

Her father was pouring acid on her mother and it poured on her too.


An American educational reformer Horace Mann had once said, "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves."

Sadly, that's the state for a huge percentage of the population of India. We are a country where most people measure one's patriotism based on whether the person stands when the national anthem is played and tends to forget that helping each other in times would be a bigger service to the country. Many of us believe in joining candle march protesting a rape but don't bother to offer help to an elderly woman who gets raped in broad daylight. Heck, we actually go on to film and share the whole of it (if you know about the real incident).

Similar was the case of Shabbo, a Mumbai resident, who had some acid poured on her face that her father was pouring on her mother. The little girl then grew up in an orphanage in Mumbai and recently shared her life's story with Humans Of Bombay. Read on!