You'll Be Surprised To Know The Different Genres Abhay Deol Has Worked In

Meet Dev's all-new avatar!


Be it any profession, quality work always triumphs. This is especially true when it comes to Bollywood. And while thousands of people step into the City of Dreams to become actors, only some can achieve that feat though. 

While some choose to do theatre acts at the start to gain better experience and improve one's skills before jumping in front of the lens, others prefer acting classes and try their luck.

Son of Dharmendra Singh Deol, Abhay, was born in an influential family of the Hindi Cinema. Abhay Deol chose to pursue acting from a very young age and participated in theatre productions during school. 

He debuted in Imtiaz Ali's romantic comedy Socha Na Tha in 2005. 13 long years since then and he has appeared in various films as dynamic as the Bollywood is today. Here's a select list of varied genres of cinema Abhay has starred in: