A Pregnant Widow, Abandoned By Her In-Laws Strives To Become An Army Officer 

What was the changing point?    

"Where will I go?"

This was the only question in her mind when she was abandoned from her house. But she is woman who went through hard struggles to become independent and happy. This is a story of a woman who lost her husband and home but never lost hope.  

We are talking about Nidhi Dubey, a house wife from MP, who strived to become something which was never possible without hope. Nidhi Dubey became a widow at the age of 22 as her husband who was in the army died of cardiac arrest.  

But as things became worse, Nidhi became stronger. Her in-laws only took two days to abandon her. She was four months pregnant then and had no place to stay. It doesn't take a minute to quit, but it takes years to struggle. And what she chose was incredibly amazing.