The Guy Who Once Sold Himself On Flipkart Is Now Attempting To Reform The Society

Same age but why not same great thinking?

With 24 years on the earth after getting launched, this IIT Kharagpur's student has been kicking his ass to bring a change... a change not just in the society but also in people's thinking. Yes, it would be generous to stop showing off with, "I would like to do something for the people and the society and actually bring a change in your line of thought."

So, so... in order to see something different, in order to receive something unique, you ought to be unusual!

Being the best example (of today's age) of being different, introducing you to Aakash Neeraj Mittal, the guy who broke the internet in 2016 by selling himself on Flipkart. Well, many of you might have come across him and his famous work last year but I am sure, many of you are still unaware about the other works he did. 

Not only he has a different way of thinking for own good but also he has taught the world something with his reasoning.

Recently, called upon by TEDx to share experience on his various achievements, Aakash recalled three incidents which have directly or indirectly gained importance in his life.

The guy who created a unique way of selling himself through a resume is also the one who took a step against stereotypes that too at the age of 14. Holding the hand of a menstruating girl and entering the temple was not only an act of bravery but was also praiseworthy.

After 10 years when that boy had grown into a sensible and responsible youth of the country, his humanity was tested again. Aakash, a newly evolved novelist now, was once so disturbed by his friend's rape that he resorted to writing a book to delineate the victim's pain.

Talking about his works in words would not be justifiable and therefore, WittyFeed has come up with his TEDx talk which is worth listening.