Can You Get 15/15 In This Rap Song Quiz?

Guessing these songs' name is not easy!

Rap industry has produced many songs which have become international anthems. Their popularity is not just associated with one particular country. Even people who don't prefer rap songs have at least heard some of the best ones from this world famous genre of music.

Hip-hop is a form of music which is more listened by people due to the lyrics of the songs. Every artist put in a lot of hard work to make their songs like anthems, but some only achieve this feat.

Rap has even influenced me and my lifestyle. It is the only genre of music which I listen too, and it would be same for many of you. But don't worry if it is not because the questions which I have kept in this quiz are easy and I am sure that most of you will be able to answer them all. Don't worry if some of the answers get wrong; there are plenty of songs till the end which may give you a high score. Just read the lyrics and try to guess the song name.

So, take the quiz and check your hip-hop knowledge.