A Time To Kvell For All The Bigg Boss Fans Out There; Now You Can Stay Inside The House, Perform Tasks And Get Filmed

Wanna feel like a celebrity? Here you go!

If you are a very loyal fan of Bigg Boss and never dared to miss a single episode of Bigg Boss season 10 and always fantasised about to stay inside the house. Have you ever thought of it? If yes, then here we've brought some delightful news for you! Now you can opt to stay in a Bigg Boss house as a part of your family/friends outing, away from the outside world and can experience the joy and pressure at the same time, that the contestants go through during the whole season of Bigg Boss. No, don't get us wrong, we're not talking about the auditions for the next season. You can actually go inside the house as a fun trip with all your friends or family, even for a day. You must be wondering now- How? Don't panic! Let's check it out here.

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