A Smart Move By The CEO Of An Indian Startup Made Its 100 Employees 'Parents' In A Single Day

I was spellbound, you'd be too!


WittyFeed has always been a startup that has stood out from the troupe of startup industry in India. This new trend of 'starting up' has been a nationwide or rather worldwide drift. But not everyone who has given into this mania was able to sustain it with triumphant results. 

Within two years, this startup has reached unfathomable heights, setting new benchmarks and changing the virality drive of the world, and the credit goes to the leaders and the team.

But the undeniable credit for the uniqueness and the jovial aura this place carries, goes to the CEO, Vinay Singhal. Everyday here, holds within itself something unaccustomed and untried, that makes its employees want to come in everyday because nobody knows what the day will unwrap. 

But, hey! let's not get deviated from the point of discussion. Today, I'm going to write about this one anecdote that will stun you! 

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