A Kung Fu Master Pulled A Helicopter Using His Private Part, See What Followed!

Latest bizarre world record.


Former world record holder, who pulled SEVEN cars with his manhood has done it once again to break all the records in the world. Wait, what he has done this time 'presumably' has never been done before in the history.

A martial artist, Ye Hongwei is once again in the headlines as he has now pulled a massive helicopter with his penis. That must've hurt him later. Ouch!

Martial artist Hongwei goes by the stage name 'Ye Wei' belongs to East China's city of Zibo in province Shandong. It is said that he has been practising the 'Zen Tai Chi' for more than 30 years now. Zen Tai Chi is a famous form of martial arts in China which translates to 'supreme ultimate boxing' in English.

This week, almost hundreds of people have eye witnessed this world record set by Ye Wei in Fangshan district of China's capital, Beijing. The world had never seen any kung fu master towing heavy military copter with a rope which is tied around genitals.