After Govt's Social Media Ban In Kashmir, A Teen Is Ready With His Own Facebook

Connect, chat, share on Kashbook!


If you like something, you buy it, get access to it and own it. But when you want it badly and it's not available to you, what do you do then? Either you give up or you come up with something of your own. Right? 

That's what Zeyan Shafiq, a 16-year old from Anantnag (Kashmir) has done. When the government of Jammu and Kashmir banned social media platforms in an effort to curb 'anti-national' propaganda, Zeyan decided that it was enough. Taking advantage of the situation, he decided to launch his own social media platform, Kashbook, for the people of Kashmir to connect, share and chat, just like Facebook. That's indeed a massive feat!

Well done Zeyan, Kashmir needs more people like you, who try to connect and not divide. Are you listening stone pelters? 

Kashbook is just like Facebook where you can upload and share whatever you love as well as do business, buy/sell, write your heart out and chat. 

You can also spread love and humanity, if that's what you are looking to spread.