A Blind Man Who Fit A Camera On His Guide Dog To Film His Every Day Abuse

Ouch! That hurts. 

While we have seen a lot of people use their GoPro at its best, like the man who launched his GoPro into space on a balloon was one genius. But there is something more to the use of a GoPro and we have it right here for you. 

A 37-year-old man, Amit Patel lost his eyesight to a disease called Keratoconus. He gets around the city he lives in, London with his dog who guides him while he walks. A GoPro has been attached to the dog Kika and it films Amit's daily challenges. 

He is ridiculed, ill-treated and even abused while he walks down the city. When will people understand the term FEELINGS? 

Images via Times Of India