10 Things Every 90's Kid Did During Their Board Exams  

Come? Let's relive those memories.  

We experience various seasons throughout the year but that one season when the tension is at its peak is the exam season. And if you have faced board exams or are going to face, then you must be knowing or will get to know how life turns upside down for those 2-3 months of rigorous preparations.  

I still remember my father getting television's cable disconnected during my brother's board exams when I was small. My father wanted no distractions in the house, and we all had to adopt a different lifestyle so that my brother could pass his board exams with flying colours. We even stopped entertaining guests or visiting places so that complete focus shifts to just academics. 

Today, the scenario has changed a lot and we remember those nostalgic things that our parents or we used to do when we had our exams. Here are some of the most different things that will take you back in time.