8 Stuffed Parathas Which Can Be Your Tummy's Best Companion This Winter

Brace yourself with the wave of deliciousness.


Getting the perfect stuffed paratha with spiced curd is dream come true for the food lovers. There are different food joints across the country that open the scope for us to dig in the delicacies. Also, they are often made at home. The base for making all the parathas is same but the difference in taste comes from the stuffing or the filling.

First, you make the dough using flour, salt, water, and drop of oil. Then you make small round balls. The next step is filling the balls with the stuffing and then with the rolling pin making the flat shape of paratha. After that, all that stands between you and your delicious food is a deep fry in tawa.

PS: The recipes for the filling are given below. Do not forget to share with us the one you prepared.