Eight Times When Bollywood Stars Played Homosexuals Extremely Well

They acted like pro!


Homosexuality in India has for long remained a taboo and still is, no matter how much social activists try to eradicate the issue from our society. Unlike other social issues which are often addressed in the films made by the Bollywood directors, highlighting the issues faced by the people of India and abroad, the topic of homosexuality hasn't been too widely covered within Bollywood for instance. Yet some who don't prefer to follow the herd, step up and project what needs the attention of each and every individual in order to make the world a better place for those who are being suppressed for being Homosexuals.  

Things have started changing and thus making films based on Homosexuality in Bollywood, one of India's most mainstream film industries, is the way chosen by Directors to highlight the LGBT issues rising in the country.  

Some famous filmmakers and actors have portrayed stories and characters about homosexuality in varying degrees within the following story.