These Seven Organisations Are Saving Water For Millions With Plausible Initiative

A number of organisations are working for water conservation.


Water undoubtedly turns out to be an urgent necessity of life for various purposes like the household, agriculture, domestic, etc. We are living in the era where we need to save water and use it accordingly. People across the globe are doing their best to conserve the water.

Let me tell you something interesting! There is a man in Bengaluru, India, who has never paid for water in 23 years as he relies completely on rainwater. A.R. Shivakumar, a senior scientist, does not have a water connection at his house, and he has depended on rain entirely. He has been doing this to meet all his family's need over two decades. Alike this man, a Mumbai-based social activist, Amla Ruia has transformed many lives in Rajasthan by using traditional water harvesting techniques and building check dams. She is also the founder of 'Aakar Charitable Trust for water conservation.' 

Similarly, a lot of non-profit organisations are working globally on conserving the precious asset which planet Earth has to offer, water. These groups are bringing the smile to millions of faces around the world.

Let's find out how!