#KissDay: Now This Is Going To Be An Intriguing One!

Little Hearts in love!


Kiss me, close your eyes,

Miss me, close your eyes,

Kiss me...

So, February 13 it is, #KissDay for all the lovey-dovey couples out there. While last six episodes had created ripples among the audience and stirred love in the lives of people, today's episode is surely an intriguing one. While Arpan and Shrishti had been feeling immensely for each other and living the Valentine week in full anticipation of love showering over them, let us see how the millennial duo is to celebrate #KissDay. It is great fun to watch how Tanu and Sukhi take digs at Shrishti and Arpan respectively. Coming over to the most important question- DO THEY KISS?? Ummm, for that you will have to see the episode!Well, as most researchers say, a kiss is one of the best feelings in the world, it is surely an epitome of love, from where 'IT ALL BEGINS!' Coming over to the 7th episode today, 'Little Hearts' have surely covered the distance between them. Have a beautiful and eventful love life folks, tune into #WittyFeed's Little Hearts to #Feelthelove!