5 Hard Hitting Facts That Reveal The Harsh Truth Of The World We Live In

Humanity is just a mask.


The words - 'black and white' has always meant so much to another word- 'justice.' Just like we think that there are two sides of the coin, we also consider the world we live in is either of the two colors but the grayer version of it exists, the much darker part which plays in the background while we all live our lives in absolute chaos. 

As you keep your eyes fixated on the screens scrolling through it, you will be left with hollowness. The words on these posters will hit you like a bullet. There's a chance you won't believe a word but that's what harsh reality is all about. You have to face it.

Let me introduce you to a part of the world which you didn't know exist.

Because monsters live amongst us wearing the skin of a common man. 

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