23-Year-Old Girl Who Fought Against ISIS Is Treated As A Terrorist In Her Own Country  

Do you know why?


It takes guts, a body as strong as steel and a heart of gold to fight for the vulnerable and help them get a life that they deserve. People in war-hit areas need more than just your pity, they do not benefit from your sympathy, they need action. It is indeed a shame that when people like Joanna Palani, a 23-year-old student from Denmark, decide to take action and fight for what is right, they get labeled as terrorists in their own country. Palani was merely a teenager when she decided to drop out of college and fight one of the most feared terrorist organizations in the world, ISIS. Now, after successfully killing around 100 ISIS militants what she has is a $1 million bounty on her head. **Slow Claps**

Joanna is a powerful Danish girl of Iranian-Kurdish ancestry, who was born in the refugee camp in Ramadi, Iran. She first fired a gun at the age of nine and says that she has always been inspired "to fight for women's rights, for democracy- for the European values I learned as a Danish girl." In 2014, she left Copenhagen to join the ongoing uprising against the Syrian government. She started off by fighting against the Assad regime and then later against ISIS. She also helped to liberate Yazidi girls who were imprisoned as sex slaves in Iraq.

When her actions captured the attention of the Danish authorities, she was banned from further travels to those areas after she returned from fighting in September 2015.