200-Year-Old Theory About Why The Night Is Dark Despite The Billions Of Stars Gets Revealed

Most of us hadn't even noticed this paradox! 

When someone asks why the night is dark, most of us tend to blow it off as a stupid question. After all, it's dark simply because the sun's light is not able to reach us, right? How simple! Actually, that explanation doesn't quite cover everything. What most of us miss out on is the fact that the billions of stars in the sky fail to light up the night sky, while, during the day, it just takes us one star - the sun - to brighten the whole world up! And so, when we think of it this way, we realize that there is a paradox lying in this situation. This is known as the 'dark sky paradox,' and it was posed a couple of centuries ago. A solution too was found to this paradox, but it wasn't until now that it was actually proved to be true.

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