14 Places In Mumbai That Are Just Too Dreamy To Be True

How many have you visited?

Mumbai – The Mayanagri is India’s biggest and most populous city. Apart from being the country’s financial capital, it has also earned several titles like 'The city of dreams’ and ‘The city that never sleeps’. Mumbai has an invisible magnetic aura that attracts humans from all over the world to it. It is a melting pot of uncanny aspirations. The city that caters for all your ambitions and eccentricities, Mumbai is one of those cities in the world that says oodles about itself to anyone who visits or wishes to visit it. There are tonnes of romantic and peaceful places to hangout. So here we have compiled a list of 14 best romantic and quiet places for couples to explore. Places where you can rekindle the spark with that special someone and relax to gather your thoughts and rest your brain.

So right before you plan a trip to Mumbai, do check this out!