This Instagram Makeup Guru Created 12 Looks For 12 Zodiac Signs

Which one looks the fiercest?


We may check our daily horoscope in the morning to see how our day will go or which wine goes well with our zodiac signs. What's the next best thing? These creative makeup looks that complements every zodiac sign. These will make you wish you were born in all the months just to try on the looks. (Who says you can't, though?)

Instagram makeup guru, Setareh Hosseini has combined beauty with astrology to create mystical looks representing every zodiac sign. Her makeup alone depicts the spot on readings of each and every celestial sign. There is a crossover between costume makeup and easily worn trends which she pulled off fabulously.

Setareh is a Toronto-based makeup artist. She is considered to be very creative with her looks by using fake horns and freckles. She uses various techniques to make her looks seem realistic which might be the reason behind her popularity and over 90,000 followers on Instagram. You won't need any more creative inspiration after going through these pictures.