Kids from 100 Govt. Schools in Gwalior Are Going to Enjoy Education Like Never Before

Thanks to this trio who came like Genie's three wishes. 


Sonu was a curious and intelligent kid. He always wanted to learn about new things. He wanted to experience all those beautiful phenomena of nature as if they were happening in front of him. But...he belonged to an economically backward class of Madhya Pradesh. 

Kids like Sonu have great potential to actually reach the zenith of success but lack of opportunities clips their wings that are meant to be used for flying. 

We’ve seen many people talk about their social contribution, but this time there’s someone who actually plans to execute this plan into action. 

Mr Narendra Singh Tomar (Minister of Rural Development, Mines & Panchayati Raj) gave rise to an initiative, Mera School, Digital School which aims at transforming 100 schools of rural Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh to smart schools so that students like Sonu are able to learn. After all, they are the future of the nation.