10 Tricks To Get Rid Of Plastic And Help Out The Planet

These are really important!

It's no secret that plastic has a detrimental effect on our planet and wildlife. There are a staggering 270,000 tons of plastic floating around in our oceans. That is a devastating amount.

Although there have been recent efforts in the UK and other countries to cut the production and use of plastic bags, it is estimated that 12 million barrels of oil are being used every year in the US alone just to produce plastic bags. Plastic bags are full of toxic chemicals that are released when the bag finally does break down.

In the US, 1,500 plastic bottles are used every second! Just let that sink in. Efforts are made to recycle plastic, but in truth, only 9% make it to the recycling facility.

From these few facts alone it is clear to see that we have a huge problem. If you ever sat at home and wished you could help, but you can’t because the problem seems to be out of hand, think again! That's a terrible mindset. You are the one who can change something, and you can! It comes from making small changes in your life that will reduce the need of using plastic.

I have put together the following tips to help you reduce the usage of plastic. Some may seem a little out there and some may seem impractical to you but ask yourself this question: Is it really practical to have 270,000 tons of toxic plastic floating around in our oceans?