10 Things Only A Guy Who Owns A Bullet & Attitude Of 50000 cc Will Understand

Dug Dug Dug Dug Dug Dug... 

One of the things synonymous with the Indian Biker community (if something like that even exists!) is the adulation for the Royal Enfield brand. Royal Enfield isn’t just a bike brand, it’s a lifestyle brand. The dug-dug noise, the baritone of the cylinders, the huge fuel tank, only matched by the size of the chest when one buys it, the feeling when one kick starts it in one go and not to forget the intimate experience of getting Leh’d on it, all are part of a package, a package only a Royal Enfield lover would understand.

We all have a friend we are envious of because he has a cool customized Royal Enfield and probably goes to Leh twice every year. We want to be like him because not only he has a Bullet but he belongs to an exclusive club, a family and he's had those experiences in life which only a Royal Enfield lover would experience.

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