10 Iconic Must-Read Supervillain Quotes From The Greatest Movies Of All Time 

Many villains are not remembered by their actions but words.


Ah, the arrogant supervillains. Why do we take so much interest in them? Maybe because most villains have the power to hold our attention.

With some exceptions, heroes are somewhat predictable, villains, on the other hand, are brutal, complex, and it is very hard to judge their next step. Sometimes they do things which we never anticipate. Like in the movie The Dark Knight, Joker killing Batman’s girlfriend. I mean how is this possible? But it happened.

No matter how dangerous villains are, I love them, and sometimes I wish if I could be like them. And according to a study, around 30% to 70% of people admit to having a violent fantasy. But we live in a nice society where killing someone is a crime, and this villain thing only works in movies.

Below you’ll find ten most powerful quotes by villains that can strike fear into the heart of any hero.